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Queer Art Spaces Vienna © Alexandra Thompson


Queer Art Spaces Vienna is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and inclusive world for queer art, artists and their expressions. We champion contemporary queer art as a powerful catalyst for social change, understanding, and acceptance.

Our mission is to provide unwavering support, advocacy, and platforms for queer art, artists and projects, enabling them to thrive and innovate fearlessly.

With your help we stand as a beacon of empowerment. Embracing diversity across all spectrums of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and background. By endorsing and celebrating contemporary queer art, we aim to dismantle barriers, challenge stereotypes, and amplify voices that have long been marginalized.

Our artists

With immense gratitude, we invite you to discover the remarkable artists who have enriched our Queer Art Spaces with their unique and inspiring contributions to the world of art.

Alexandru Cosarca, Frederik Marroquin & Dorian Bonelli, Judith Augustinovič, Julia Fuchs,
Larissa Kopp & Florian Aschka, Romeo Roxman Gatt, George Demir, Danielle Pamp,
Theresa Auhonig & Petra Dirtl & Katja Hasenöhrl & Nico Wind, Nazim Ünal Yilmaz,
Vinko Nino Jaeger & Em Schwarzwald, Julius Pristauz, The Disco Ghost, Leon Simonis,
Leila Samari & Maryam Sehhat, Marie Judith Le Gars & Ana Mikadze & Marie Kolarova,
Tubi Malcharzik, Doris Schamp, Mario Kiesenhofer, Asgar/Gabriel, Daniel Hill, Judit Kis
Isabelle v. Spreckelsen & Moritz Gottschalk & Stefan Eggenweber, Vasilena Gankovska,
Animal Bro, Lotti Brockmann, William Briscoe, Anita Asfinag, Benjamin Brommer,
Stefan Pauser, Anne Wieben, Hungry, Lady Nutjob, Gabriele Aime, Katrinka Kitschovsky,
La Mirelle Millieu, Candy Licous, Ewelina Jasmina Jurga, mirabella paidamwoyo* dziruni,
Aliaksei Barysionak, Nicole Reicher 

Curators and Institutions

The professionals and organizations we work with to feature queer art and culture: 

Christiane Erharter, Louise Deininger, Francis Ruyter
Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Queer Museum Wien, QWien, Studio Peljak 

Cooperations and Sponsoring

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to our esteemed Cooperations and Sponsoring partners for their invaluable contributions in nurturing a thriving queer art scene.

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Luxembourg Art Week

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Kultur im 9. Alsergrund


MWM productions

Michael Kaufmann
projects and exhibitions

+43 650 2739650

Gerhard Pruegger
cooperations and public outreach

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